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Using passive solar designs & sustainable materials plus high R value insulation in your walls and ceilings will help you have an energy efficient home.

As well as using double glazing or using heavy curtains to cover your windows at night in winter or during the day in summer will also help your house run energy efficiently.

The key to making an energy efficient home is to make sure you keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter so you don’t use extra power to heat or cool your house down.

By using passive solar design to bring in winter sun into your home in winter to limit the need to use energy to heat your house or by designing your home to stay cool in summer with limited windows on the east & west walls which can heat your house up .  Making sure you have good flow through ventilation to help bring in cooling summer breezes to help cool your house down naturally.

By using energy efficient electrical appliances and fittings , LED lighting , ceiling fans, Heat pump hot water units can help keep your energy costs down.  Turning off all standby power can save you another 10% on your electricity bills.

We use natural methods to heat and cool our houses to save on energy use , saving up to $3000 per year on energy & water usage .


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