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Seascape Designs is a small family business with David, Leanne and Jye Pratt. David has been involved in Sustainable building and Passive solar design for over 30 years from Victoria to the northwest to now the south west. Leanne has been in the building industry all her life with her dad running a residential building company. Leanne manages all aspects from accounts to interior design. Jye has worked as a carpenter with Seascape Designs for most of his career.

Seascape Designs specialise in designing passive solar homes and building energy efficient sustainable homes that are unique in design and suited to the clients and their land. The main criteria are to build a home that is orientated to the land correctly designed to give the client comfortable & healthy living all year round. We endeavour to give our clients an insight into how to live more sustainably and how they can save money on power & water usage.

Seascape Designs have won many awards over the past 20 years in the Midwest from MBA contract awards, Sustainability awards, Water wise awards, HIA Green smart awards as well as Commercial MBA & HIA awards. Seascape were delighted to receive the Awards for Energy efficiency, Practices in recycling and the judges overall award for Design and Innovation in the 2015 MBA building excellence awards.

You will notice with a Seascape Designs built home, they are all individual and unique using a wide and varied range of materials. David & Leanne have experimented with an extensive range of materials from mud, stone, timber, foam cladding, Colorbond to even prefab panels. Having built and lived in 5 of their own homes they know what works and what doesn’t.

Seascape Designs don’t just build sustainable homes. We apply sustainable methods & GREENSMART principles in each and every home we build. This is what makes Seascape Designs different from other builders. Learn more about how we can make your new home different to so many of the homes built in WA.



Seascape Designs have another division called ITS SO SIMPLE, a consultancy service for people who just want to learn more about sustainable living and Solar passive building practices.  Some people may well have their own builder already however would like to find out how they can incorporate these practices into their new home or are perhaps seeking advice and choosing a building site for its best orientation.

We can provide you with a basic Site orientation report, Passive Solar Design Service and comprehensive information to encourage sustainable principals. How to ensure your home is more sustainable to what sustainable materials to use.

Be it your business or home we aim to assist people in applying sustainable building practices to their project ranging from solar installation and energy efficient products to recycling water and water wise gardens

Many people are of the view that sustainably living is probably too hard.  It really isn’t.  With a little effort we can all endeavour to apply sustainable living practices to our home or office ensuring a healthier future for generations to come.


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